• Person: What state do you live in?
  • Me: Denial.


What if we all looked the way we wanted? Our ideal weight became reality, our worries about money washed away. Your love life is exactly the way you pictured it. Do you think we’d all be happier? Or would we just find new things to hate?


Dagger Cane

  • Dated: 19th century
  • Measurements: overall length 36”. Blade length 13 1/4” 

There’s a watch integrated into the handle of the cane, while a pull of the handle reveals a dagger nearly a foot in length. 

Source: Copyright © 2013 M.S. Rau Antiques LLC.

I seriously need to play pokemon again. My life sucks without video games.


Evolution of the Piñata

It was a lot of work making this cake, but great fun! I made it for a cake competition, which I explain in this post.

You can still vote for me HERE :)

Voting closes Sunday!


Some of the props used in Paranorman.


Chocolate pear pudding!

1 ripe pear, 1/4 cup chocolate protein powder, and 1 tsp of cocoa powder, all mushed together with a fork and put in the microwave for 2 minutes